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Beware of Cultural problems in Translation

If you are about to expand your business into this region, you will be in need of a good translation partner who understands the intricacies of translation and writing for an Arabic audience.


Culture is key in your endeavor. So you have to choose a savvy English Arabic translator.

When doing the English to Arabic translation, a translator must not settle to only rendering the source words into target words, not even English linguistic constructs into their equivalents of the Arabic.

Your message, voice or brand can disappear in the transfer unless you make an informed decision when you choose your translator.

Culture is a crucial aspect of any language’s life and usages, let alone when such culture is infused with religion.

For example.

Friday doesn’t mean the same thing to an English reader and an Arabic reader.


foggy dubai

So …. the Arabic translation of a single word like Friday introduces new layers of meanings into the Arabic text (the target text).

The question here is whether these new meanings are allowed in the text. An answer to this question relates to the context (like audience, etc…).

Any English to Arabic translation has to consider this point to be faithful to the writer of the original (source) text.

​When you localize your brand, slogan, website and other marketing collaterals, you want to maximize your market share.


Do not waste the time of efforts spent by you on producing your original marketing materials.

You should be careful when you pick your translator or copywriter to handle these business materials, while they travel to another language and different culture.

Localization is the fancy word you hear it repeated when it comes to translating your advertising and marketing contents.

But do you know your market?

Unless you know the language and culture of your market and your prospects, it is a wise decision to have as a partner a translator and a copywriter who know them very well.  Spare yourself the hassles of English Arabic translation and let’s start the conversation.