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English to Arabic Translation

Google translate brings new meanings into the game of translation


Beware of Google translate or use it at your peril.

The other day I was translating from English to Arabic a press release. In the text, there was the construct Pancake Stall.


This is a place where pancakes are sold. I tried to get some help from Google translate to translate it. And here is what I got.


The word stall in English means Kishk which in Arabic has two meanings: a place where pancakes are sold and the second meaning is a food material from which you can prepare pancakes. To back translate what I got from Google translate into English is to have the following translation kishk pancake.

What is interesting in this translation is that I have one kind of pancake for a place where many kinds of pancakes are sold.

If you are interested in translation, I here put the Arabic translation for training purposes.


Looking into the English text and the Arabic translation, you may notice the translation problem associated with such a short text. But this is another story to be told in another blog.

But what you can take from this blog is that:

Don’t take google translation for granted. Or don’t take it at all.